Quality & Engineering


Our goal is to deliver to each of our customers precision machined parts without any defects.

AS9100D Certified System - Liberty Precision Machining

People are our most important resource and they are critical to our achieving our quality goals for you.  Our people are well-trained and invested with the best tools available including:

  • Quality System Certified to ISO 9001:2015 + AS9100D
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  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Black and Green Belts on staff
  • Continuous Improvement Program
  • Sophisticated metrology lab and equipment including CMM, visualizers, optical comparators, and advanced gage tracking/calibration software

Recent Investments To Our Quality and Engineering Systems

In the continual quest to improve our capabilities, services, and products at Pindel Global Precision, we invest heavily in our people, equipment, and processes. We use “state-of-the-art” equipment to manufacture, inspect and thoroughly test our products to ensure defect-free parts and on-time delivery.

Here are a few of the recent investments we have made to better serve our customers’ needs for quality, speed, and competitive pricing:

Prolink QC-Calc® SPC Software

Prolink QC-Calc ® SPC Software

  • Provides real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC) analysis and charting for close-tolerance, repeatable parts.
  • For select parts and production runs, allows us to continually monitor and react to quality data collected in real-time from the shop floor.
  • Robust machine capability studies for better process control.
  • SPC software embedded in CMMs, vision systems, mobile SPC gaging stations.
  • Saves our customers time and money by automating as much of the data collection and reporting process as possible.
Oasis CoreX2® Inspection System

Oasis CoreX2 ® Inspection System

  • George Products’ high-precision optical measuring system.
  • Allows improved speed, accuracy, and ease when inspecting our parts.
  • Simultaneous measurement of 100s of dimensions including lengths, heights, angles, radii and other key features.
  • Measures parts to an accuracy of +/- 0.0001 inches.
  • Automated inspection reporting; measurements automatically download to SPC software.
  • Detailed Quality Control reports can be created for the dimensions of a single inspected part or for a group of parts in an entire production run.
PartMaker® Computer Aided Manufacturing Software

PartMaker® Computer Aided Manufacturing Software

  • Industry-leading CAD/CAM software provides robust model-to-machine capability.
  • Reduces setup times, improves repeatability and speeds up Swiss and CNC programming time by as much as 70%.
  • Reduces costly machine errors, downtime, and scrap.
  • Allows us to repeatedly produce complex parts in significantly less time.
Predator® Product Data Management (PDM) Software

Predator ® Product Data Management (PDM) Software

  • Advanced software manages all production and quality documentation.
  • Robust revision-control.
  • Supports best practice work-flows used for release, unrelease, revise, rollback, check-in and check-out.
  • The first step toward creating DNC environment.