About Us


Bill Berrien - Founder of Liberty Precision Manufacturing TechnologiesWhat does it take to pivot quickly to meet the demands of a marketplace earmarked by uncertainty and change?

At Liberty  Precision, we know first-hand the answer to this question. Our success is based on a strong foundation, built on the fundamental principles we apply to all of our customer programs. These characteristics, which I first learned as a Navy SEAL officer, are fundamental to the success of any high-stakes operation: extremely cohesive trained teams, rigorous systems and processes, and technology-enabled solutions.

They were recently put to the test as one of the first manufacturers to help answer the call for ventilators and medical equipment during the pandemic.

At Liberty, our teams are fully prepared to mobilize with purpose. Attacking difficult challenges with strength and determination, our experienced, cross-functional teams drive new thinking and new solutions. The processes and systems we utilize enable us to quickly assess a situation, solidify an approach, and deliver the results our customers need to maintain a competitive advantage.

Equipped with the most advanced manufacturing technologies, our facilities are supported with the newest innovations in CNC machining, highly automated robotic work cells, and the ability to access data that informs decision-making.

Committed to serving as the premier contract manufacturer of precision-machined components across industries and applications, we’d welcome the opportunity to learn more about the challenges confronting you.

Let’s explore how together we can build a better future for our customers, our teams and our communities by advancing American manufacturing’s role in our success.


Bill Berrien