The core of our business is high complexity, close tolerance precision machined parts and assemblies. We are ideally equipped to serve customers who need a high volume of precision machined parts in a short amount of time. Our milling and turning capabilities are designed with the ability to:

  • Shorten lead times for manufacturing in production volumes
  • Meet the most demanding tolerances
  • Streamline complex geometries into a single process
  • Increase productivity, producing multiple-precision machined parts simultaneously
  • Eliminate extra operations
  • Deliver highly consistent, quality, precision machined parts

You can count on us.

  • Prototype new machined parts
  • Control quality: the finest instrumentation, skilled technicians
  • Complete assembly and packaging
  • Track your project through on-time delivery to final destinations
  • Manage your inventory to reduce cost

Our commitment to your CNC & automatic screw machining needs:

  • CNC turning operations (swiss turning, bar and chucking lathes) capable of 3/32″ diameter up to 12″ diameter with tolerance up to ±0.0005″
  • CNC Vertical Milling machines capable of up to 30″ x 20″ x 16″ (WxDxH) with tolerance up to ±0.001″ for location and ±0.0005″ for bore diameter.
  • Automatic bar/screw machines up to 2 5/8″ diameter with tolerance up to ±0.0005″

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